5 Recycling Myths Busted

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans own approximately 24 devices per household. Most of the landfills in the United States receive more than 2.4 million tons of e-waste as per reports by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Old electronics are hazardous and full of toxic stuff that must never be disposed of in the open at a landfill because of the hazardous chemicals like arsenic, lead and cadmium can cause damage to human life, plants, and animals. The issue about e-waste was never as huge twenty-five years ago since most businesses and organizations didn’t use as much electrical and electronic equipment as today. Due to the consequences of the ambiguity, it is hard to differentiate myths from facts because myths are never backed up by data. There are five busted recycling myths Let’s take a look at some of the most popular myths around electronic recycling.

Myth #1 – E-waste Management is Difficult

False. E-waste disposal is simple if you have the right knowledge and a trusted e-waste disposal partner. A lack of understanding about e-waste makes most people think that e-waste management is blown out of proportion. At Surplus Service, we offer e-waste recycling solutions through our patented UpcyclIT® system which applies upcycling helping small and large organizations to find perfect solutions for their electronic waste and leading to higher sustainability.

Myth #2 – Recycling Electronics Results in Wasting Energy

False. If you take a moment to pause and think about the number of the truckload of e-wastes carried by the trucks, it is easy to believe that recycling would result in wasting more energy. However, reports indicate that drawing a close comparison kilo by kilo, recycling proves to be sustainable and efficient. In fact, recycling e-wastes conserves more energy than manufacturing or mining because of the metals are found in their purest form. Surplus Services helps businesses to reuse their electronics through their eco-friendly solutions which lead to a sustainable environment.

Myth #3 – E-waste is Toxic and Poisonous

False. Most people think that e-waste is a long and tiring process that could have little impact by an individual. Well, the truth is recycling impacts both the environment and the economy and hence small efforts done by every individual makes an impact. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, toxic pollution, and conserves finite natural resources. The key to e-waste management is awareness and right information. People resist spending the time and energy to adopt the right methods to dispose of e-waste. Well, you can easily have them picked up by our folks at Surplus Service by scheduling a pickup through our website.

Myth #4 – Landfills are the Solution to Dump E-Waste

False. Landfills are definitely not the only solution to e-waste because it can lead to polluting the groundwater and soil. Though 100% of e-waste is recyclable, most of the e-waste produced around the world does not get recycled. It is advisable to partner with a licensed waste disposal company which has the environmental laws in place to guide the e-waste process as well as suggest measures for sustainability. Recycling will be adopted by the globe only when each of us makes a difference around us. If you are aware of an industry or business that needs e-waste solutions, refer them to Surplus Service and make a difference

Myth #5 – Obsolete Electronics are Worthless

False. Many tech equipment contains reusable and recoverable resources like copper, gold, and silver which can be easily extracted and used in new products. Upcycling electronics is the best solution for solving the world’s e-waste problem. At Surplus Service, we believe in this concept. Our registered trademark – UpcyclIT® which helps you solve your e-waste problems without any hassles.

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