Asset Management - Why recycle? UpcyclIT®.

Avoid costly fines and regulatory issues by upcycling items, ensuring timely pickups, and upholding regulatory compliance with our unique zero waste management services.


Dedicated to a greener and more sustainable future in our community.

As a trusted industry leader our vision is for a more sustainable world by reducing the impact improper disposal has on our environment, while working within our community in providing opportunity to diverse and underserved populations.


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Say goodbye to surplus equipment taking up space in your warehouse within 24 hours!

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After our UpcyclIT® process is complete – be the sustainability champion with our Zero Waste report.

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From medical, lab, IT equipment, and beyond… we handle it all!

How It Works

UpcyclIT® with Surplus Service

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Organization Pickup

Prompt, professional, and efficient.

Regulatory Compliance

Detailed Zero Waste UpcyclIT® reporting of all assets available through our specialized customer portal.

Full zero-waste and asset management solutions.

Medical Surplus

Through our UpcyclIT® program we ensure that all types of unused medical devices are kept out of landfills.

Reverse Logistics

We specialize in value-added refurbishment and repairs for any electronic devices and consumer electronics.


Pickup and removal of all unwanted electronic equipment with a percentage reimbursement to your organization.

Zero Waste Reporting

Maintain clear accounting and reporting systems so that your business meets any social, environmental, and economic standards.

Data Wiping and Destruction

Professional data wiping focused on sustainability backed by a Certificate of Destruction or Wiping.

UpcyclIT® Bin Program

Custom e-waste solutions dropped off 
at your organization to upcycle all of your unused electronics.

Peace of Mind

Getting rid of waste can be a hassle. Our unique schedule, pick up, and UpcyclIT® process is as easy as a call or email.

Sustainability and
Zero Waste Focused

Through upcycling, you are contributing to enhanced global sustainability as none of your waste ends up in a landfill.


Through UpcyclIT® our electronics are given a second life with individuals and companies throughout our global community.

UpcyclIT, the answer to
e-waste impact on the environment.

Our award winning solution called: UpcyclIT® reuses about 85% of electronics that range from medical equipment, network, fiber optics, and IT equipment without breaking them down into raw components such as plastic, paper, or metal.

Reduces Pollution

E-waste accounts for only about 2% of what ends up in America’s landfills. But it equals 70% of the overall toxins in a landfill. Upcycling also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

No complicated processes

No energy, resources, raw material, or transportation needed to recycle assets or manufacture replacement products.

Money Smart

Significant opportunity to recycle electronics for money, which means taxes, fees, and state fines saved.

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