Liquidating Surplus Electronic Equipment: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

If you’re in the market to get rid of your company’s surplus electronic components, it could seem like a daunting task. What do you throw away? What can be recycled? Can any of it be sold for money?

Luckily, liquidating surplus electronic equipment is our specialty, especially in Northern California, so here are a few simple steps to always follow when faced with this dilemma.

Step 1: What to do with surplus electronic components?

If you have surplus inventory, don’t let it sit too long. Assuming your equipment has value, it is important to find an e-waste solution for them as soon as possible. In a fast-paced technology world where companies are constantly upgrading and introducing newer versions of their products, the longer you hold onto your surplus electronics, the lower their value.

Step 2: How to sell surplus electronic components?

While the natural choice would be to go to eBay, look to discard the electronics elsewhere to avoid counterfeiters and scammers that are out there. If you’re still looking for a reliable surplus electronic store, consider

Our internal site has an established clientele of customers looking for the surplus electronics you no longer want. Here at Surplus Service, a San Francisco, CA Bay Area-based business, we are award-winning experts in California for surplus marketing, which means we have access to the resources necessary to obtain the highest return value for your electronics.

Step 3: What’s the value of excess electronics?

Each item will always have some value. Most everything has some value at some price. Your goal should be to get the highest value for your surplus equipment. Make sure to pick an electronic recycling company that has the ability to look at a pile of items and give them a proper appraisal to give you a quote quickly.

Step 4: Who buys surplus electronic components?

To maximize your return on your surplus inventory, pick one distributor who can hold the stock and utilize a system to properly handle the inventory. A good example is what we did with the closure of Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo, CA. While liquidating their equipment, we reviewed thousands of electronics and medical equipment and were able to provide the highest return for the city of San Pablo and Contra Costa County.

Step 5: Should you throw surplus electronic components into a landfill?

Whatever you do, don’t take it to the landfill. All over the world, more than 50 million tons of e-waste is produced every year. Of the 5 million tons of e-waste produced just by the U.S., less than 14% of the electronics gets recycled.

Recyclers have big conveyer belts and shredding machines that destroy equipment that often could be given a second purpose. A zero waste company would understand that purpose and find the proper e-waste solution.


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