Wholesale Distribution of Medical Supply has grown exponentially in recent years and this has been due to, of course, for high demand and affordability of resources. We, Surplus Service, has been successfully and affordably providing the necessary services and products to fulfill these needs. We had our article recently published in the Arab Health Magazine. Arab Health Magazine, part of Informa Markets, was a speaker at FIME exhibition.

UpcyclIT, Surplus Service’s registered trademark, is an option to recycling. Upcycling vs. recycling offers many benefits. Here are a few advantages of Upcycling over Recycling

When most people hear about the word ‘data destruction’ their face wears a look of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. The last thing on their minds would be to delete the data available on their laptops, computers or cellphones. But the truth is when you own a small, medium or large business, chances are there will […]

The disposal of electronics is a growing problem today, electronic devices contain harmful and hazardous substances that can cause damage to the environment. Did you know according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) more than four million tons of e-waste go to U.S. landfills each year? Here’s your go-to guide for the ultimate glossary of […]

Most consumer electronics today like TV, cellphones, or laptops are easily affordable which means that there is a high chance of consumers discarding them when a newer product arrives in the market. On the other hand, old electronic devices pile up at home and need to be disposed of safely. Old electronics contain harmful and […]

Knowing how to properly disposal of your unused electronics can cause a feeling of stress. Did you know the U.S. produces more e-waste annually than any other country in the world? About 9.4 million tons of electronics are disposed of by Americans annually. Most people find themselves puzzled when they have to dispose their unwanted […]

Are you planning to discard your old cell phone? Most people think when they hit the ‘factory reset’ button, all their data is erased for good on their Android device. Well, they are wrong. Many experts in the field of mobile research have found that data on the cell phone can be retrieved using the […]

Many of us have pondered over the term ‘e-waste’ because of our limited awareness of the industry. Many companies do not have enough awareness about what to do with their electronic devices once they decide to dispose of them. At Surplus Service, our customer solutions team receives multiple queries through calls and email about the […]

Did you know an estimated 442 million unused and unwanted cell phones were found to be lying in people’s home in 2015? According to a UN study, about 41.8 million tons of electronic waste was discarded worldwide in 2014, with only 10 – 14 percent of the total disposal done right. Most people don’t know […]

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