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Total Solutions for Excess Inventory, Liquidation, Data Protection, E-Waste & Returned Goods (RTV)

Surplus Service is a San Francisco, CA Bay Area-based award-winning business that specializes in business IT, medical recycling, electronic surplus disposal, reverse logistics and data eradication. Conveniently located near Fry's Electronics and I-680 and I-880, we pick up your used equipment and surplus electronics from anywhere and recycle them according to the highest standards so that our planet and Northern California are protected from toxic e-waste. We can often recycle your electronics for money. As the UpcyclIT® leader, our goal is to provide the highest e-waste recycling solutions that lead to higher sustainability reuse and disposal of your electronics rather than simply recycling them or sending them to the landfill.

We provide zero waste options for many organizations' e-waste recycling initiatives. We also provide the reporting that IT and facilities managers need to document their sustainability activities.