As our appetite for technology continues to grow and expand with every new development, the growing e-waste problem is one of its worst side effects. But, if we continue with the current trend, e-recycling only a small percentage of gadgets may not be enough to tackle the problem.

In fact, the growth of e-waste only looks set to increase even more. In fact, by 2017, the world’s total e-waste is expected to increase by 33%, with the U.S. and China leading the top producers of e-waste.

So how much e-waste is left for the landfills, and how much electronic disposal is done in a more responsible manner? Here at Surplus Service, an award-winning e-waste recycling company in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re passionate about creating effective e-waste management strategies and helping to improve e-recycling.

Over the years, we’ve learned that most people are surprised to learn about what really contributes to the production of e-waste and the recycling solutions that are available, especially in cities such as San Jose and San Francisco—which are the heart of Silicon Valley.

Solving the e-waste problem

A U.N. initiative forecasts that e-waste production will increase by up to a third by next year. In 2010, the U.S. alone produced 258.2 million tons of used computers, monitors, TVs and other electronic items as waste. Of these, 171.4 million tons were recycled, leaving a sizeable remainder for landfill.

And while the most obvious concern with e-waste might be the environmental impact of the amount of waste generated, there are also many other pressing concerns that arise. Experts say these concerns should be considered.

Keeping data safe

With more and more of our valuable personal and business data being stored on electronic devices exclusively, we’re also creating a potential catastrophe for ourselves: we’re left with an ever-growing number of redundant devices that still contain extremely important and valuable data.

This is where e-waste recycling is extremely important to consider seriously. Recycling your old devices does not simply mean making sure they stay out of the landfill. When you recycle computers, cell phones and other e-waste, you can also ensure your future data security by eradicating data that you would not want slipping into the wrong hands.

At Surplus Service, we are one of a select number of San Francisco Bay Area businesses that help provide e-waste solutions that not only help you dispose of your surplus electronic equipment but also make sure that your data is safely and thoroughly eradicated—keeping your information safe at all times.