Due to advancements in technology, new cell phones are constantly introduced to consumers. This gradually results in older cell phones being thrown away. In most cases, a majority of older cell phones are not recycled properly. Surplus Service provides safe Disposal of Electronics and Recycle Cell Phones Bay Area. The numbers below outline the importance of recycling our old cell phones:

  • According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), there were nearly 135 million cell phones in 2010 that ended up in landfills.The EPA also reports that only 14-17 percent  of cell phones are recycled each year.
  • If Americans recycled just 100 million cellphones, enough energy would be saved to power over 370,000 homes in the U.S. for an entire year. For every 42 recycled cellphones, enough energy is saved to power the average household for an entire year.
  • E-waste recycling is often ignored within the United States, and cellphones and other electronics often end up being burned or dumped in landfills. These inappropriate methods of disposal do not reclaim valuable materials and they do not manage toxic materials safely.


Recycling a single Lithium-Ion battery from a cellphone can prevent the contamination of as much as 60,000 liters of water.


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