Computers / Monitors

Each year, hundreds of thousands of surplus electronic equipment such as computers, phones, servers, test equipment, lab equipment, medical imaging equipment, fiber optics cables and networking devices get disposed of because of consumers constant desire to upgrade to the “next best thing” or “faster” option. Rapid advances in technology accelerate the amount of e-waste that gets recycled. Although they are often deemed “obsolete,” many of these electronic devices are disposed of as trash, e-waste or recycled before their useful life is over.

At Surplus Service, the No. 1 electronics reuse and recycling leader, get Computer Disposal and Computer Equipment Disposal Services in Bay Area at affordable price. We take electronics that you no longer want and find a more sustainable option for them. Our goal is to provide e-waste solutions that lead to the reuse of electronics rather than just having them recycled or end up in a landfill.


Recycling one million desktop computers prevents the release of greenhouse gases equivalents to the annual emissions of 16,000 passenger cars.


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