The Simplest and Most Secure E-waste Solution

Let’s face it! No one—especially Office, EH&S, Sustainability, IT and Facility Managers—enjoys trying to find solutions to all your organization’s e-waste management problems…just like no one enjoys taking out the trash. We have an e-waste solution that will solve your electronic disposal problems for good and you barely have to lift a finger. Introducing the TopcycleIT UpcyclIT® bin program! Here’s all you have to do:

Send in a request and we'll send you a 48"x40"x28" or 48"x40"x38" bin. Each bin holds up to 1,200 pounds

Place the bin in a corner of your office or warehouse so everyone knows where to get rid of their e-waste

When the bin is full, simply call or email us and we'll ship it back

The Surplus Service UpcyclIT bin, the best e-waste solution for your organization

Why is this the best solution for your business or organization?

Great option for organizations with single or multi-sites both in and outside of California. All e-waste assets are securely tracked by one vendor
UpcyclIT® bins are delivered flat and only take a few minutes to open. The pallet and bin are also fully recyclable
In addition to the bin making e-waste pickups easy, neat and organized, we provide zero waste reporting showing you how much e-waste has been reused vs. recycled
Our zero waste reporting and the UpcyclIT® bin program will make professionals like you an “E-waste Recycling Hero” for your organization

Fees apply for shipped or unreturned bins

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