As a part of a Business Appreciation Visit, Surplus Service was honored to have Mayor LilyChristina Briggs, Economic Development Director, Jim Tietz, Economic Development Advisory Commissioner, Donovan Lazaro, Economic Development Manager at our Surplus Service headquarters.  Their insightful discussions make us feel that the future of sustainability is bright, and we are on the right path for a sustainable future.

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We are constantly trying our best to encourage E-waste management practices by prioritizing source reduction, reuse, and recycling.  When we say we offer zero waste options for many organizations, we mean it.  It’s our commitment to provide the highest e-waste recycling solutions that lead to sustainability of electronics, rather simply being recycled and ending up in a landfill.  Our solutions range from comprehensive services for managing the reuse or final disposition of electronic equipment with data security as a priority.

A few months ago, Surplus Service was awarded California’s highest environmental honor – the GEELA (Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award) for our innovative and continued efforts to keep the environment sustainable