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BTW, I did go and look at your company’s philosophy (and what products you are listing on eBay)and I could not applaud your mission more. WOW! Besides hanging on to my XP OS computer until it DIED, I still have an HP printer (LaserJet 4M) that I used in my graphics business until I was forced (partly by my typing issues) to retire in 1997. It has NEVER had a service issue of any kind. When I had to go with WIN 10 it would not work at all. HP was very kind to me (somewhat happy in fact that I was so happy with my HP product) and found me a Universal Driver that is for WIN 7 and now I am still happily using my old printer (which prints spectacularly).

I abhor throwing away things because they’re not the latest, newest, shiniest, most compact, yadda, yadda, yadda item available (per one of my brothers-in-law and my ex-husband) who always hectored us to UPGRADE, UPGRADE, UPGRADE. If something is working, and is meeting the user’s needs then why trash it for something prettier, shinier, smaller, etc??? Last year I finally retired my 1988 Nissan Wagon and bought a 2006 Scion XB. Both of those car purchases were “informed” – I researched both vehicles – and it has paid off in spades. My husband drives a 1989 Ford Crown VIc and we also have a 1986 Bronco (we need 4-wheel sometimes, we live in a remote area in the Appalachians). I will definitely spare you more except we’re still using an upright freezer I got new in 1969 . . . SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OF KEEPING THINGS OUT OF LANDFILLS. Now I can relate better to why you still have your WIN 7 computer! I understand totally!


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