The Surplus Service management and Surplus Service Team are proud to celebrate our recent certification as being a verified ‘Great Place to Work’ Organization. We honored to announce this certification and would like to formally thank our employees for facilitating our company’s receipt of this exceptional recognition.

Great Place to Work (GPTW) is an organization that helps employees find businesses that are committed to providing an atmosphere of positivity, safety, and inclusivity for all. GPTW compiles lists of companies that are certified by employees to be exceptional work environments. These lists are incredibly inclusive and varied; some popular lists include ‘Best Workplaces for Women’, ‘Best Workplaces for Diversity’, and ‘Best Workplaces for Parents’. Each list is made up of companies that have undergone an employee verification process to ensure that they are worthy of their certification. Surplus Service achieved an average employee awarded percentage of 98.8% across the different tested sections. These different tested areas ranged from questions concerning company environment, management transparency, and workplace ethics.

The certification received through Great Place to Work is backed by over thirty years of research translated into a quantifiable system that can measure the state of a business’s workplace culture. This research covers human resources, diversity and minority representation, and gender and sexual orientation management, just to name a few. Company employees are giving a survey over the course of two weeks, called the Trust Index©, which is used to determine where the company falls within the GPTW ranking. The data used to compile the requirements for certification was gathered from over 100 million employee surveys on a global scale; companies that are certified through GPTW are guaranteed the best in the world. GPTW also compares and contrasts each business’s results with those of other companies around the world to help provide a clear understanding of their results against those of the best-rated companies in the world.

Surplus Service is pleased to have been included as a Great Place to Work business alongside prominent companies such as Hilton, American Express, and Adobe. Surplus Service is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Fremont, California and has served the Bay Area community diligently for over 10 years. Our company specializes in electronic and medical waste management, recycling, upcycling, ITAD Management and community involvement. Electronic and medical waste can be devastatingly harmful to the environment if it is disposed of incorrectly. The government has implemented strict disposal and recycling regulations for hazardous waste and companies who do not meet these regulations can be issued hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. E-waste Management companies such as Surplus Service provide clients with regulation-compliant disposal methods that help reduce unnecessary landfill waste and prevent toxic substance leaks.

For a company such as Surplus Service, the driving force behind the mission lies in the hard work and dedication of the employees and team members. Without the support of talented, passionate individuals, Surplus Service would be unable to operate with a high level of professionalism and customer service that it currently has. The President of Surplus Service, Lou Ramondetta, would like to publicly thank the company employees for the unwavering dedication, service, and commitment to the community that they showcase every day. A business is nothing without its employees and Surplus Service has benefited greatly from exceptional employees.

Unlike other e-waste companies, Surplus Service is committed to positively impact both the social and environmental aspects of their community. This is done through a number of outreach programs, such as the company’s recent involvement in an event held by Assembly Member Dr. Bill Quirk, Ph.D., on Saturday, October 12th. This event was entitled Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, aimed at educating the community on reducing waste, and was held at the Castro Valley Library for members of Alameda County. Surplus Service provided free electronic and equipment recycling for those in attendance at the event. Many members of the community are unable to properly recycle or dispose of electronic waste due to a lack of knowledge or resources.

The staff at Surplus Service cares about more than just running a business; our goal is to provide companies with safe, ethical, and environmentally friendly methods for the disposal of potentially harmful materials. Many companies, without the services Surplus Service provides, would dispose of all unwanted equipment, regardless of the equipment’s condition. Damaged or unusable equipment collected by Surplus Service can often be refurbished and resold to generate more revenue for the original company, rather than simply being destroyed. Materials can also be donated to non-profit and charitable organizations, such as medical centers, hospices, or community clinics.

Surplus Service is pleased to have been credited with this certification and is thankful to its employees and management for creating an outstanding workplace atmosphere. We look forward to the opportunity to continue providing a reliably safe, inclusive, welcoming environment for our employees and also for our valuable clients.

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