Solar Panel

Solar energy is the key to sustainable growth. At Surplus Service, we are committed to driving the next wave of innovation in the solar industry. Solar panels are warrantied to perform more than 25 years, and they can still produce energy once the warranty expires. Presently, there is no dedicated national program that ensures these solar panels are disposed of safely. Most of them end up in the landfills due to the lack of awareness among the business owners. We feel strongly about this and hence we have decided to begin a recycling program that includes the safe disposal of solar panels or reuse them in an efficient manner.

By recycling solar panels, we can recover over 80 percent of the crystalline silicon unit from each solar panel. A few examples of the recyclable parts of a solar panel are the electric junction boxes, glass and plastics, and aluminum frames and brackets. We are looking at various recycling technologies and the implementation of safe disposal of hazardous waste for solar panels. 

Looking to dispose off your solar panels? We can help.

By recycling solar panels or reusing them, you can cut your electric bill and save costs in your business. If you are looking to dispose your solar panels in a safe and efficient way, get in touch with us today. Let’s make a difference to the environment together.

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