Medical Recycling

As technology in the healthcare industry gets more advanced, so does the need to be more responsible when getting rid of old medical equipment. Medical Recycling of equipment requires special care because it could contain hazardous materials, potentially include sensitive personal information and could be used for repurposing in the secondary market. Many in the healthcare industry are now seeing the value of Medical Waste Recycling because of the cost savings it provides. Whether you need to get rid of old equipment or track your organization’s progress with sustainability, Surplus Service is your partner. We are ready to make sure your medical equipment is properly recycled, we will reduce the amount of waste your facility sends to landfills and, ultimately, our process helps your bottom line.

How We Recycle Medical Equipment

We offer free pickup to medical organizations that are in need of e-waste disposal.

We clean and sanitize the old equipment, verify its functionality and, in many cases, do refurbishment. Much of this equipment can be reused and sent to partners, hospitals, caregivers, communities and organizations in need of these items. What can’t be reused is recycled to meet all governmental regulations.

We can also issue you a Certificate of Data Destruction (CoD) so that other healthcare industry leaders and employees will know that your facility does its part to protect the planet from toxic e-waste and keep patient records secure.

Partner with us to recycle your Medical Equipment so you can concentrate on what really matters: the care of patients rather than the burgeoning cost of healthcare.

Looking for other medical recycling services?

Surplus Service can help keep your healthcare facility in compliance with complex state and federal regulations—all while managing your e-waste disposal needs. We provide a range of disposal options for all of your sharps as well as hazardous, biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste. We can also provide onsite management services.

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