ITAD Asset Management


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Pickup and removal of all unwanted surplus electronic equipment

  • We can provide ongoing, regularly scheduled pickups, a one-time service, or liquidation.

Data security and hard drive destruction with Certificates of Destruction (CoD)

  • We follow the highest standards during the data destruction and hard drive security process. There are multiple ways to ensure that secure information is handled with care. We use the main tools are data wiping and if you want a more complete, certified service, shredding or physical destruction. We can also issue you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD).

Surplus inventory reselling programs on ITAD Asset Management Services

  • For corporations with surplus electronics that still might hold some value, we offer solutions to generate revenue and give you credit for assets received.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Asset Management is the process of responsible reuse or recycling electronic assets that are no longer in service or needed.

UpcyclIT® is Surplus Service’s proprietary trademarked process for reuse. This applies mainly to companies that need to move, downsize, restructure, and or need routine ongoing support.

If your company needs to move, downsize or restructure, Surplus Service can help you get rid of your surplus electronic or medical equipment quickly and securely.

Book E Waste Pickup
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Become A Partner

Surplus Service disposes and manages

Book E Waste Pickup
  • Data Centers
    Servers, Routers, Switches

  • Productivity Devices
    Computers, Tablets, Laptops, and Phones
  • Office Equipment
    Printers, Postage Meters, Phone Systems
  • Video Display Devices
    Televisions and Monitors

  • Specialty Devices
    Gaming/Slot Machines, Medical Equipment, Government Equipment, Solar Panels
  • POS Devices
    Registers, Scanners, Self-Checkout, ATMs
  • Consumer Electronics
    Battery-powered Toys, Handheld Games, Smart Watches
  • Industrial Electronics
    Instrumentation and Control Devices, Lab Equipment, Metering
  • General Electrical and Electronics Scrap

  • Nearly Any Device With A Cord or Battery

Services We Offer

Surplus Service offers five core services to our clients: IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) / Asset Management, Medical Recycling, Reverse Logistics, Zero Waste Reporting and Data Destruction. For more information, click on a service below to learn more.

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