You are not wrong for giving something or someone a second chance. At Surplus Service, we strongly believe that second chances can bring about a change. They must be a shared principle of society. Recently, Lou Ramondetta, President, Surplus Service was a part of the Prison to Employment Connection’s Employer Day held at San Quentin State Prison on November 15, 2018. This noble initiative not only helps to build one’s self-esteem and sense of worth but also reinforces that each of them has something unique to offer the world.

Speaking about the event Lou Ramondetta said ‘’Employer day at San Quentin State Prison was inspiring and up-lifting. It encourages me to find more ways through which my organisation can give a second chance to interested inmates”.

The principal of second chances holds true at Surplus Service by providing e-waste equipment a second chance through upcycling and recycling. Upcycling ensures sustainable use of limited resources which is vital to save for future generations. Give the old electronic equipment a second chance and spread the word about upcycling and encourage your family and friends to upcycle.

Let’s all contribute in our little ways to make a difference to planet earth.