Case Study

The Success of Our Sustainable Procurement Program

Purchasing activities are centralized to a designated purchasing manager who is also a member of ‘’Green Team’’ to ensure Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) goals are followed, promote EPP procurement, track policy adherence and suggest additional purchasing options.

87% of overall packaging filling material purchases were eliminated by using alternatives such as:

  • Using packaging and filling materials received from regular client pick-ups which was recorded as 260 pallets/yr (47,840 cuft) which saved the company $32,500 annually.
  • Using shredded papers from paper shredders located in each room/office which was recorded as 832 cuft., 16 cu ft/ wk., (non compacted after shredding) which saved the company $3,380 annually.

93% of overall printing material cost were eliminated by using alternatives such as:

  • Removing leftover papers from printers we receive from clients for recycling or reuse purposes. Our process is to check the incoming lots to collect and store printing papers, cartridges, stationary, office supply etc. for our reuse area. This is a total savings of $676 annually.

Additionally, by using our cloud based “OneDrive” system for internal and external communications, the company is already saving 75% of paper trail and with additional 93% of savings to 98.25%!