Case Study

Total Amount of IT Sent to Landfill: 0%

Robert Half, the world’s biggest temp agency with over 350 locations in the U.S., had a big challenge on its hands: Since all of the company’s offices operate independently, the offices were used to managing their e-waste on their own, which was making it really hard to track the company’s sustainability efforts.

Prior to working with us, due to the difficulty of managing multiple sites, the company had a practice of either sending its IT equipment to the landfill or recycling it.

With all of the offices operating independently, the company didn’t know how much e-waste was being disposed and executives were getting a lot of pressure from shareholders to be more green and report their sustainability efforts.

Rather than doing things the old way by working with multiple suppliers to have everything serialized, manifested, tracked and weighed, Robert Half enlisted the help of Surplus Service to develop a system for tracking its e-waste at all of its office locations.

After a several-month process of working with all these sites to streamline the e-waste disposal process, we started sending the locations empty, reusable boxes with return labels so they could easily fill up the boxes and send them back to us.

We then emptied the boxes and processed all the old electronic equipment. When the boxes were all used up, we recycled them. It was a win-win situation overall.

By the time we were finished helping Robert Half, the amount of e-waste the company was reusing went from 60% to nearly 90%.

The company was also able to go from a place where executives had no idea how e-waste was being disposed of at hundreds of locations to getting everything centralized and easy to report.

With this new information, the company was easily able to report to upper management and its shareholders on their zero waste efforts.

The following is a typical example of a zero waste report that highlights how much e-waste from the client was sent to the landfill, recycled and put through our UpcyclIT® process.


Company Commodity Item Category Weight
Pallet / Item Qty Destination
Robert Half Cables 44xx 1645 Recycle
Robert Half CRT-MONITOR 44xx 560 47 Recycle
Robert Half Docking 44xx 40 8 Recycle
Robert Half HDD 44xx 304 115 Upcycle
Robert Half Keybaord and Mouse 44xx 1758 1857 Upcycle
Robert Half Laptop 41xx 620 122 Upcycle
Robert Half LAPTOP BAGS 44xx 158 58 Upcycle
Robert Half Misc 44xx 541 31 Recycle
Robert Half Monitors 41xx 8951 1083 Upcycle
Robert Half MONITORS STANDS 44xx 155 32 Upcycle
Robert Half OFFICE PHONES 41xx 201 49 Upcycle
Robert Half PC 41xx 11048 996 Upcycle
Robert Half Power Bricks 44xx 1053 621 Upcycle
Robert Half Printer 44xx 1095 36 Upcycle
Robert Half SWITCH 41xx 556 107 Upcycle
Total 28,685 5,162

Total poundage received


Total poundage of Reuse/ UpcyclIT®


Total poundage of Recycle


Total poundage send to Landfill

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