People produce a large amount of e-waste. As per statistics, an average person throws away 4.3 pounds of garbage per day. Through the course of the year, this waste adds up and reaches a whopping 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage around the world. Discarded electronic e-waste is toxic containing materials like lead, cadmium etc. Improper disposal can pollute the drinking water and threatens to harm our ecosystems around the world. It’s time we stand up together and fix the problem before it blows out of proportion. You’d be surprised to know that an average American keeps a cell phone for just 18 months and discards it after that! About 85% of e-waste is reported to be dumped in the landfills or exported to countries with weaker economies. Hence the government and environmentally responsible recycler’s like Surplus Service have been striving hard to spread the message of e-waste recycling to ensure people properly recycle e-waste

The process E-waste Recycling

The recycling process E-waste is highly labour intensive and undergoes many steps in the sorting process such as sorting, disassembly, initial size reduction, secondary size reduction, over band magnet, metallic and non-metallic components separation and water separation. The sorting process involves separating all the components of the device. While the sorting process is on-going, disassembly refers to the manual dismantling process of the items into core materials and components for the recycling process.  Initial Size and Secondary Size Reduction processes refer to items being shredded together with other dismantled parts for finer separation in the e-waste process. The finer particles are then expanded evenly on an automated shaking process on a conveyor belt which breaks down the items further. All types of magnetic materials including steel and iron are removed using the over-band magnet process. Plastic content if any is isolated from glass using water. The retrieved items are then resold or reused.

About UpcyclIT®

About 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of every year worldwide. As the U.S. continues to produce e-waste on an alarming rate, it is our responsibility to find ethical and environment-friendly ways to recycle or reuse it. Reuse refers to the process of extending the life of a product as long as possible. Surplus Service has a trademarked in-house process called – UpcyclIT®, where they aim to recycle and refurbish as many products as possible. They also provide businesses and organizations with sustainable solutions to turn their trash into cash. Additionally, they provide zero waste options for many corporate, governments and other organizations’ e-waste recycling initiatives. Their reporting methods can help IT, EH&S and Facilities Managers exceed their sustainability activities. They have an expert team specialized in all sectors to manage the load of e-waste. Their team specializes in surplus electronics, ITAD, medical recycling, electronic liquidation, reverse logistics, and data eradication

Additionally, Surplus Service has implemented a number of green initiatives as a part of their standard operating procedures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including having a facility with a virtually Zero Carbon footprint. When you drop off your surplus electronics at their facility, their team examines each device with great care and then decides to repair, reuse or recycle them so that none of it lands up in a landfill.


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