In the computer IT and Internet world, companies will always want to upgrade their equipment to the newest and fastest. Because electronic equipment often becomes obsolete before the end of their lifecycle, the old equipment—which is still very usable—gets put into storage, depreciating the value even further. Our team has expertise in strategically managing those assets for efficient and productive disposition to maximize returns. We offer Computer Recycling, PC Recycle, Laptop Recycling in Bay Area and can de-rack server systems quickly for efficient replacement upgrades.

We also provide hardware trade-in and remarketing programs for both end users and Value Added Resellers (VARs). Services include fair-market value analysis, revenue sharing programs, and online inventory management and reporting systems. We also offer certified data erasure and disposal programs that exceed DoD 5200.22-M and NIST 800-88 standards, helping our customers minimize their environmental impact. Our trade-in programs offer recovery value for your legacy

hardware, so you can avoid liquidation offers from brokers and get the maximum returns for your used IT equipment. Our Asset Remarketing programs ensure you receive your full market value.

Proper e-waste disposal is a compliance-intensive business and should be handled by a company with a proven reputation. However, that does not mean that asset disposal and your protection has to break the budget. We offer competitively priced disposal and destruction services that follow all accounting and legal processes.

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