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Many states, including California, have e-waste recycling regulations that require schools and universities to recycle their old technology. School IT departments have several options: they can either look for opportunities to replace the old electronics, recycle the old electronics for money, or donate the equipment. However, since many school IT departments are understaffed, they could use a helping hand to guide them through the process and avoid having to deal with clunky computers of the past piling up in storage rooms.

We are your partner when your school or college district is looking for the most sustainable and economical way to get rid of your electronic equipment. We have e-waste solutions when you need to dispose of computers, monitors and servers for any project—and everything will be done in compliance with the State of California requirements, as driven by the CalRecycle program.

We also understand that protecting student information is priority No.

recycling of old electronic devices
1. So we ensure that all equipment that leaves schools is wiped clean of personal data. We put an emphasis on reusing equipment where it is feasible. When appropriate, we recycle the equipment and properly document the disposition so that you know how your institution is reaching its zero waste goals. If we can find a market for the equipment, we’ll resell it and give a portion of the proceeds to your institution.

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