Return-to-Vendor (RTV)

Return-to-Vendor (RTV) is a huge issue in the retail industry. Consumers in the United States return products worth more than the Gross National Product (GNP) of all goods and services of over 66% of the nations in the world. Retailers are well-honed at the buying, warehousing, logistics and selling of new products. However, due to the sales measurements on retailers, most don’t have the space, resources, labor or time to adequately manage return goods.

For many companies and retailers, when items are returned by customers, they are often unopened or hardly used. Customers no longer want the item or sometimes it is not the right one. The stores can no longer sell the merchandise as new and usually, depending on the condition, will have to return to their vendors. After the vendors have sold the product, the last thing they want is the merchandise back. It can be risky to purchase, since stores mix good and bad product on pallet loads and sell them in bulk to buyers. The U.S.

secondary market for return goods is over $2.5 billion. We have extensive experience buying all types of pallets and goods at low prices, so we can pass the savings on to you.

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