Manufacturers (OEMs)

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), companies that manufacture their own original equipment and hardware, often have varying types of surplus assets. OEMs likely have several prototype product versions. Once OEMs start commercial production, they no longer need the prototype production they produced.

In other cases, companies produce products for orders that don’t materialize, and they no longer need the excess inventory. Other times, products are produced for markets in which they don’t completely sell, creating surplus electronic equipment. At Surplus Service, our expertise is in picking up these items and offering proper e-waste disposal. We can also help enhance revenues since, depending on the item, we can pay accordingly for items that might have value.

One of the biggest risks for a contract manufacturer is that the brands they manufacture may end up in a landfill somewhere, exposing the OEM to negative publicity, regulatory scrutiny and even legal action. In

recycling of old electronic devices
order to protect your company’s relationship with OEMs, we go to great lengths to effectively insulate your customers’ reputation, IP and revenue by providing comprehensive end-of-life (EOL) processing.

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