The California Secretary of Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), Mr. Jared Blumenfeld has recently announced the appointment of Lou Ramondetta, President of Surplus Service to the Recycling Advisor Board for Lithium-Ion Car Batteries. Ramondetta is the President of Surplus Service, one of the country’s leading e-waste management companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Jared Blumenfeld is the current CalEPA Secretary since January 2019. The first meeting of this new advisory board will take place in early November of 2019.

Established in 1991, the California Environmental Protection agency has spent almost 30 years advocating for the restoration and protection of the environment. The fulfillment of the CalEPA mission is achieved through the creation, development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental policies and regulations. These policies cover the regulation of several aspects of environmental health, including air, soil, and water quality. CalEPA is also responsible for developing and enforcing laws regarding pesticide usage, waste reduction and recycling methods.

Lithium-Ion Car batteries, which are generally found on hybrid vehicles, can retain up to 80% of their charge – even after they are no longer operational. Many Lithium-Ion batteries are recycled first by using this remaining charge to power solar power panel grids. After the charge has been exhausted on these batteries, they are then broken down and disposed of. More and more vehicles are being equipped with these batteries, meaning that there are more of these types of batteries being de-commissioned everyday. Improper disposal is dangerous and as such, disposal regulation is a necessary move forward. The Lithium-Ion Car Battery Recycling Advisory Board will be responsible for regulating and controlling the disposal and recycling of these items.

Mr. Ramondetta was appointed to this committee due to his commitment to advancing ethically conscientious recycling and waste removal methods. Lou Ramondetta established his company Surplus Service in 2006 to provide domestic businesses with environmentally friendly electronic and medical waste management. Surplus Service has been a driving force nationally for ethical recycling methods. Illegal dumping of regulated waste does irreversible planetary damage and Surplus Service is passionate about decreasing the instances of unsafe waste disposal and removal. Ramondetta’s career and experience in electronic, industrial, and medical equipment management spans over 20 years. He is an expert in his field and has served clients both nationally and internationally at all levels of equipment recycling. In his new appointment, Mr. Ramondetta is proud to continue his advocacy for safe, environmentally conscientious methods and practices for waste disposal.