Are you planning to discard your old cell phone? Most people think when they hit the ‘factory reset’ button, all their data is erased for good on their Android device. Well, they are wrong. Many experts in the field of mobile research have found that data on the cell phone can be retrieved using the right tools by hackers. The reason is, when we delete something, the file isn’t overwritten but, the system throws away all the information on the file. Data is recoverable on your cell phone by cybersecurity thieves if the data on the device isn’t destructed

If you are hearing the term ‘cyber security or data destruction’ for the first time, don’t fret. Let’s say data destruction is the method of elimination of any type of data stored in any form on your device. It could be a photo, text, document or a video. When you opt for data destruction, it is impossible for a hacker to read your data. This destruction method is extremely important to protect your private and personal data before you decide to donate or sell your phone or any device with data storage. If you are planning to sell your old device, here’s how to do it like a pro:

1) Consider Encrypting your Phone
This is a smart way to prevent data stealing. When you encrypt your Android device, it prevents data hackers from recovering your data. Encrypting phone arms your device with a lock and special key, that can only be opened using it. Once the device is encrypted, the data in it cannot be decrypted. As a mandatory rule, most devices by Google have mandatory encryption for maximum security

2) Destroying Data on Computers (Windows or Mac)
To destroy data on a computer you need to overwrite it several times and this may take at least a few hours, extra effort, time and energy. Keep in mind that Windows or Mac computers will require different software to overwrite the data. For Windows, you can download Eraser or CC Cleaner, both these programs are free of cost and allow you to enter different date ranges to erase your data completely. For Mac users, you can download Permanent Eraser or File Shredder to erase data on your computer. Both these programs will overwrite the data in particular folders or files

3) Go to a Licensed Dealer
If you are not comfortable with the do it yourself options to destroy your data safely, it is best to seek the help of a licensed data destruction solutions provider like Surplus Service. Because licensed services providers possess the right equipment, techniques, and methods to destroy data. Not just that, you can also be at peace when they destroy the data. Surplus Service uses ethical and environment-friendly methods that include data wiping, degaussing and data shredding to permanently destroy data from your hard drives so that data cannot be recovered by anyone. You can read more about our data destruction services here

It is highly important to be aware of the right methods to destroy your documents or electronic devices. Most people are unaware of these methods and end up throwing these devices in the landfill. Instead, reach out to a company like Surplus Service. They can help you.