Most consumer electronics today like TV, cellphones, or laptops are easily affordable which means that there is a high chance of consumers discarding them when a newer product arrives in the market. On the other hand, old electronic devices pile up at home and need to be disposed of safely. Old electronics contain harmful and toxic chemicals that are hazardous to animals and plants like lead and cadmium etc.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only “15 to 20 percent of e-waste is recycled, the rest of these old electronics are dumped directly into landfills, incinerators or are illegally exported to developing countries”. Not just that, metals like lead and cadmium can cause serious skin and respiratory diseases to humans. Studies indicate that more than 90 percent of Americans cannot live without their cell phones. Are you planning to dispose of your outdated laptop or cellphone? Here’s your go-to guide to know if you are doing it right

Give Them Back

Most electronic retailers have a buyback policy where you can return the old gadget to them to buy an upgraded version. They may also offer you a discount when you handover the gadget. Instead of tossing away your old electronics in the landfill, consider selling the gadget to the retailer for a win-win situation

Sell Old Electronics to a Recycler

If you do not have any plans to donate or reuse old gadgets, then it is best to hand it over to an e-waste recycler like Surplus Service for recycling. They carefully examine each device and then decide whether the device needs to be repaired or refurbished. They have a commitment of zero-waste, which means they take extra care to ensure gadgets aren’t dumped in a landfill. If you are looking to buy used equipment or parts at significant pricing discount check reseller websites like Excessbid. Surplus Service offers free pickups to collect e-waste at your convenience. Not just that as a part of their Green Business SOPs, drivers run on well-optimized routes using highly   vehicles to ensure the high demand of customer requests to pick up their e-waste is sustainably met


Donate it

Donating electronics is an eco-friendly option to dispose of old electronics. It not only makes you feel good about yourself but also lights a hope of learning in young children who reside in lower income homes. Did you know a number of charities, schools, and churches in the U.S. have a pressing need of these devices? Take a moment to pause and think. You can make this world a better place by donating your electronics


Sell them on Craiglist, Amazon, ExcessBid or eBay

Although it may be a hassle and time consuming, if your device is still in a working condition and you want to make some good money, your best option would be to sell it on Craigslist, Amazon, ExcessBid or eBay. Craigslist is hyper-local and mostly requires you to interact with the buyer face-to-face, but eBay and Amazon are global. Try selling your old gadget on any of these websites and you are sure to make some money.


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