Struggling to unload outdated equipment? Searching for a buyer to take your old stock? You’re not alone. Many businesses simply resort to throwing out their used electronics, to the tune of 9.4 million tons each year. Approximately two-thirds of that waste can be refurbished or repurposed at little to no expense to your business. You can often get money back!

Here at Surplus Service, an award-winning e-waste recycling company in the San Francisco Bay Area, we focus on budget-centric methods for managing your surplus electronics and we give business owners a wide range of e-waste solutions.

So how might surplus electronics equipment be disposed of at your business or organization? You’ll be surprised by all of the options that most e-recycling companies make available to you.

Consider the following services and how they can serve your business:

Reverse logistics present a zero waste solution to surplus stock problems. Instead of the manufacturer passing products to the supplier then retailer then consumer, the process works backward. A good e-recycling company can help you find the most cost-effective methods for moving merchandise back up the supply chain while retaining as much value as possible.

Retail returns (RTV) involve reselling stock that’s been returned to the retailer for any number of reasons. Items are often repackaged or refurbished, or sold in ”as is” condition. Surplus Service is one of the largest Department Returns handlers in the country. We process returned, damaged and clearance merchandise for the top retailers in the U.S., our e-commerce store, is an efficient solution for unloading surplus electronics in the Bay Area. Our security measures keep scams and counterfeit issues low, providing businesses with a way to pick up high-quality, well-functioning equipment at a savings. We’re proud to offer several alternatives to technology recycling, which is often a complicated, cost-intensive process.

Re-marketing programs, particularly a value-added reseller (VAR) program like the one at Surplus Service, help you minimize losses. These programs offer a range of options, including consignment and revenue sharing plans, to ensure you get the most value from your merchandise as possible.

An e-waste recycling company’s job is to help you make money while disposing of excess stock and equipment in a way that helps the environment. Avoid the fines that come with improper disposal and avoid being a burden on your local government by working alongside an e-waste management service. This will extend the life of every piece of electronic equipment your company invests in.