The energy industry has been experiencing a fundamental change and a gradual shift towards renewable energy. Solar power is now the fastest-growing energy source in the world? Up until now there have been very few options for recycling or reusing an organization or businesses used solar panels.  Currently, most used solar panels end up in landfills. Although Surplus Service is focused on the reuse and recycling of electronic IT equipment like computers, phones, servers etc., we have been receiving an increasing about of inquiries for recycling used solar panels. We now have a solution, in addition to taking our corporate partners’ unwanted electronics, you can also contact us to support the growing demand for recycling and reuse of recycling used solar panels.

According to recent reports, an estimated 500,000 solar panels were installed globally every day in 2015. To produce 100 percent energy consumption, an American home requires about 28 to 34 solar panels. Manufacturers of solar panels in America say that the average design life of solar panel roughly ranges from 20 to 30 years. Solar panels are capable of 90 percent production even after ten years and up to 85 percent production after twenty-five years, which means that homeowners can be sure that their investment into solar panels will generate enough amount of power. Given the growth of solar installations since the early 2000s, the significant waste of solar panels will be large by 2030. Recycling is the solution that many are looking at.

Reports indicate that 60 million tons of PV panels waste would be lying in landfills by the year 2050 if the recycling processes are not put in place. PV cells contain a harmful amount of toxic substances like lead and cadmium which could possess a serious threat to humans, animals, and the environment. However, solar panels also can contain gallium and indium which are rare elements that are slowly being depleted. Recycling these materials will help to conserve supplies of these finite resources. Though, at present, there is no dedicated national program to safely dispose of solar panels due to which most of the solar panels make their way to the landfills. If the owner of the business believes in protecting the environment then, the solar panels may get shipped to a recycling facility. Else, most of the industries tend to dump them in a warehouse or landfills.

At Surplus Service, we are a passionate advocate of ecological change. We are particularly concerned with the careful use of renewable resources. Our team is on a mission to keep the solar panels and it’s materials out of the landfills in the U.S and reuse the maximum number of components to reduce costs. Currently, there are two main types to recycle solar panels, silicon-based or thin-filmed panels. Though silicon-based panels are more common, there is a great value in the materials of thin-film based cells.

Solar panels have a recycling efficiency of 96 percent if done right. Mostly, without any mandates or guidelines in place in the U.S, most people often don’t know what else they can do other than send their panels to the landfill. Help us spread the word about our mission to recycle solar panels to people in your network and avoid these solar panels from going to the landfills. If you are an individual or business owner looking to dispose of your solar panels, get in touch with us today. Let’s make this planet a sustainable place to live.