Struggling to unload outdated equipment? Searching for a buyer to take your old stock? You’re not alone. Many businesses simply resort to throwing out their used electronics, to the tune of 9.4 million tons each year. Approximately two-thirds of that waste can be refurbished or repurposed at little to no expense to your business. You […]

Given the number of components, the size of components, the inclusion of hazardous material and the compact construction of many products, electronic equipment disposal gets complicated—and expensive—fast. Without the appropriate tools and training, it’s not possible to recycle e-waste. Special facilities are often needed, and they’re not affordable for every community. E-recycling centers are harder […]

When it comes to e-waste recycling, don’t forget about green jobs. That’s because recycling old electronics isn’t just about keeping used computers, TVs and cell phones out of landfills. Building up the e-waste recycling industry—which is typically more labor-intensive than traditional recycling—is also a way to create more jobs. According to a 2011 report prepared […]

To this day, the demand for used medical equipment remains a hidden gem in the healthcare industry. According to Markets and Markets, three main factors continue to drive the demand: Growing demand for low-cost medical devices due to financial constraints increasing privatization in the healthcare sector Rising adoption of refurbished medical devices in developing countries. […]

These days, technology changes at the speed of light, which means more electronic products will continue to become obsolete long before their expiration date comes. These rapid advances in technology have accelerated the amount of surplus electronics that businesses have to deal with, which becomes a growing challenge as they search for ways to reuse, […]

On a recent a legislative visit, we joined a group of business leaders to advocate for policies that promote economic growth and maintain a thriving quality of life in the part of the San Francisco Bay Area that encompasses everything from Fremont and Oakland to Richmond and Walnut Creek—a region that is emerging as an […]

We’re lucky in the San Francisco Bay Area to have not one—but three—business organizations that actively promote economic growth and bring together a wide array of groups to make sure an underrated part of the region stays in the spotlight. While San Francisco and Silicon Valley are the darlings of the Bay Area, the East […]

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