Did you know in New York alone 100,000 tons of metal can be recycled from the 239,000 tons of trash that people throw out? Yes, we are serious. Most people are unaware of the recycling process and the benefits that they provide. Mostly its lack of awareness or apathy that makes them throw trash out […]

In theory, electronic recycling budgets are made to be spent, but companies usually find a surplus amount that is saved at the end of the year. When companies invest in making sustainable choices and take an effort to implement recycling programs, they sell their recyclable waste and in turn earn money back that was used […]

The explosive growth in the electronics industry has taken the world by a storm leading to a growing issue of end-of-life electronics. Toxic materials from these electronic devices like lead, cadmium, mercury are released into landfills which in turn pollute the environment and threaten the spread of harmful diseases to human and animal life. If […]

Electronics Recycling is always a good idea. Landfills are definitely not the place to pile up computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Even now in the U.S., most electronics are not recycled. Make an environmental impact by electronic recycling before it reaches the landfill. Every business and organization must have strict policies in place for […]

The energy industry has been experiencing a fundamental change and a gradual shift towards renewable energy. Solar power is now the fastest-growing energy source in the world? Up until now there have been very few options for recycling or reusing an organization or businesses used solar panels.  Currently, most used solar panels end up in […]

 If you were casually browsing through tech news earlier last week, you may have come across the news that millions of emails and passwords (perhaps even yours) have been dumped online (data breach). A monster data leaked called Collection #1 was discovered by security researcher Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned. Collection #1 first […]

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