Most of us are fond of buying trendy and popular gadgets to impress our peers or those around us, but we hardly think about the dangerous and contaminating ways it can damage the environment. E-Waste consists of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury that result in several diseases and medical problems. According to the EPA, […]

Our continued innovative contributions to e-waste recycling solutions with our trademark UpcyclIT® solution has earned us the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) – California’s highest environmental honor. With UpcyclIT® we aim to remove the problem of e-waste recycling in the Bay Area landfills by reusing electronics rather than simply recycling them. At Surplus […]

You are not wrong for giving something or someone a second chance. At Surplus Service, we strongly believe that second chances can bring about a change. They must be a shared principle of society. Recently, Lou Ramondetta, President, Surplus Service was a part of the Prison to Employment Connection’s Employer Day held at San Quentin […]

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans own approximately 24 devices per household. Most of the landfills in the United States receive more than 2.4 million tons of e-waste as per reports by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Old electronics are hazardous and full of toxic stuff that must never be disposed of in the […]

When electronic equipment becomes old and obsolete, it must be disposed of or recycled in the right manner. Electronic equipment like laptops, mobiles, computers, monitors, televisions, audio equipment, printers, laptops, fax machines, telephones must never be placed in the trash even though they are broken because they contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium […]

Keep your business and your employees’ safe by working with competent data destruction services. E-waste management takes an expert approach. Short of physically destroying a device, there are few ways to completely eradicate information stored on hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SDDs) and other hardware used for your business. In fact, data can often […]

The recent introduction of a controversial new bill in California could point to a bright new start for consumers of electronics, especially businesses and medical facilities. A right to repair act could change the way electronic manufacturers share information about their products with both consumers and repair shops, with far reaching advantages down the line. […]

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