The Surplus Service Difference

Here are just a few reasons why you should work with Surplus Service.
Learn more about how Surplus Service helps organizations properly handle surplus electronics
Electronics equipment disposal and proper disposal of surplus equipment
Data destruction
Reporting that complies with LEED and ISO 14001 Certification Standards
Centralized billing and onsite management

Our Services

We are more than just an e-recycling company. We specialize in a variety of e-waste and surplus services, including ITAD, medical recycling, electronic liquidation, reverse logistics and data eradication. We provide businesses and organizations with zero waste reporting, reduced liability and risk, and flexible support, and we show personnel how to reduce their carbon footprint with upcycling. By partnering with us, IT, EH&S and Facilities professionals are able to properly handle surplus electronics so that they become UpcyclIT® heroes.

Our Local Clients Include…


In the San Francisco, CA Bay Area, across the country and globally, many organizations are fined or sued millions of dollars for the improper destruction or disposal of e-waste. Major companies like AT&T and Safeway have been fined close to $100 million in the Bay Area alone.
Taking the Hassle Out of E-Waste Recycling
E-waste graphic that shows how to properly handle surplus equipment
As the UpcyclIT® leader, our goal is to provide eco-friendly solutions that lead to the reuse of electronics rather than just having them recycled or end up in a landfill.

More Reasons to Work With Us

We provide serialized inventory of assets, and we can provide quarterly inventory reports for records, financials or green purposes
We host e-waste recycling events at local sites to support employee, management and customer green initiatives
We can issue you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) so that all your customers and employees will know that you care about the environment and have done your part in protecting the planet from toxic e-waste.
For corporations with surplus electronics that still might hold some value, we offer solutions that can generate revenue for you and give you credit for resale, donation or consignment.
We have a complete suite of reverse logistics offerings from recycling and repair to harvest recovery and secure disposal.
We provide all types of RTV services for retailers and manufacturers including removal, harvesting, repair and re-marketing that will minimize RTV costs.


“What I especially like about Surplus Service is that they have a social entrepreneurship business model. They inventory and secure sensitive electronic business equipment. They repurpose the equipment where it is feasible. When appropriate, they recycle the equipment and they properly document the disposition. If they can find a market for the equipment, they resell it and give a portion of the proceeds to the owner of record.” Charles Neal, Energy and Environmental Sustainability Manager
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