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Surplus Service is an E-Waste Management, E-Waste Recycling and liquidation company in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in a variety of electronic disposal services.

We put an emphasis on reuse over recycling, a practice known as upcycling. As the UpcyclIT® leader, our goal is to provide eco-friendly solutions that lead to the reuse of electronics rather than just having them recycled or end up in a landfill. This helps exceed Zero Waste policies and regulations and we save you taxes by avoiding the fees paid to recycle electronics and equipment. Our E-Waste Solutions and electronic disposal services are a far more eco-friendly sustainable environmental option.

Why Partner With Us?

The U.S. produces 9.4 million tons of e-waste annually—more than any other country. On top of that, 60%-80% of the used electronics produced in the U.S. are shipped overseas to places like Guiyu, China, which has become the world’s e-waste dumping ground. Surplus Service, one of the expert Waste Disposal Company in SF Bay Area, reduces the amount of electronics that become obsolete, which stops the problem at the core. The process also comes with considerable tax savings.

Executive Insights

Providing E-Waste Management Solutions for Bay Area Businesses and Organizations

Hear Lou Ramondetta, Surplus Service President, discuss why upcycling electronics is the best solution for the environment and for a business’s bottom line.

While we are an e-waste management company, we do more than just recycling.

A row of data servers - Example of the type of equipment that we process with our electronic disposal services

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) / Asset Management

When it comes to operating room equipment, proper electronic disposal is important for the medical industry.

Medical Recycling

We offer a variety of solutions to manufacturers that need to sell surplus electronic equipment or manage electronic disposal.

Reverse Logistics

If your business or organization is serious about electronic disposal, then zero waste reporting should be a priority.

Zero Waste Reporting

When it comes to computer recycling and electronic disposal, data destruction is important.

Data Destruction


“Cool California” Business of the Year

Finalist for Acterra’s Business Sustainability Award

Featured on the Small Business Administration Development Center’s Website for our 85% Reuse Practices

Elected Representatives for the Santa Clara County’s Recycle Waste Reduction Commission


CalRecycle (CEWID#103392)

Department of Toxic and Hazardous Substances Control

California EPA (CAL000397287)


Integrated Waste Management and Federal General Services Administration (GSA Approved Recycler)

Bay Area Green Business

Certified B Corporation®


Claudia Ramondetta

Claudia Ramondetta


Claudia is intimately experienced to work with medical and laboratory experts on value added solutions to reduce the costs of managing surplus equipment. She is a Registered Nurse (RN) and has many years of experience in critical care, outpatient surgery and ambulatory care. She has worked for Kaiser Hospital for many years as well as the Veterans Administration (VA). In her various responsibilities, she has worked with many types of medical, surgical and laboratory equipment and devices and understands the medical regulatory environment . Her leadership is focused on growing our overall business and especially the medical segment with both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and hospitals to better manage depleted and depreciated assets that need to be upgraded or removed.
Lou Ramondetta

Lou Ramondetta


Lou Ramondetta has been an industrial, electronics and medical industry expert for about 20 years. His experience is both domestic and global, with extensive work in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. His experience base is quite broad working with hospitals, instruments, labs, industrial products, consumer and capital equipment, outsourced services, PACS/IT, clinical equipment, global distributors and agents and original equipment manufacturers.

Among his roles prior to starting Surplus Service, he was with Sanmina, a multi-billion dollar global electronic contract manufacturer, as their Vice President World Wide Sales and Marketing for a division. He oversaw an electronic contract manufacturing business. In this role, he grew sales from around $250M to $900M. All his experiences provide him with extensive hands-on business experience to run and grow a small business. Additionally, Lou received much of his management experience and training while in various positions at General Electric and Philips Healthcare divisions. He was also selected for GE’s management development training, has been highlighted in articles, presented to Jack Welch and has won a number of business awards.

Levent M. Tekmen

Levent M. Tekmen

Vice President

Levent received his Master’s Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from San Jose State University in Silicon Valley. He joined Surplus Service in 2006 from San Jose State University where he was serving as a Research Assistant for the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department. Levent has focused on building and optimizing the corporate supply chain infrastructure needed to maintain Surplus Service’s rapid growth. Levent’s responsibility for Surplus Service is day-to-day operations in the Liquidation, Department Returns and the Recycling Industry.
Jose Joel Orellana

Jose Joel Orellana

Recycling & Facility Manager

Jose’s responsibilities for the company include maintaining recycling flow and upkeep of the facility. Charged with managing the flow of recycled goods whether they are to be refurbished or can no longer be used, Jose will also place pallets of goods in the appropriate places in the warehouse, as well as break down received goods into their appropriate locations.
Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor

Client Solutions Manager

A Mac geek, Phil has extensive Internet sales, Customer Service and IT repair experience. When Phil isn’t helping clients at Surplus Service, he keeps busy with art, photography, playing the harmonica and baseball.
Dave Balleza

Dave Balleza

Client Solutions Manager

Dave has extensive Internet sales, Customer Service and IT repair experience.


Sammy Surplus materialized out of the depths of a vast wasteland of discarded electronic waste. We rescued, repaired and refurbished him. He has lit up the lives of many with his electrifying personality by expanding the market for secondary reuse. Because of his hard drive, leadership and connections, he built our business by returning to the land of unwanted, surplus and upcycleable electronics to give his associates a second chance at life. Sammy’s goal is to rescue all of his friends from the fate of being buried in a landfill or ground up in a recycling facility. He knows that upcycling electronics is the most environmentally sustainable option because his friends continue to be used, exceeding regulatory requirements and providing the highest return for you.