Electronics Recycling is always a good idea. Landfills are definitely not the place to pile up computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Even now in the U.S., most electronics are not recycled. Make an environmental impact by electronic recycling before it reaches the landfill. Every business and organization must have strict policies in place for recycling e-waste. If your company has a strong e-waste policy, great.  If you think your boss does not feel strongly about the need for recycling electronics, you can break his misconceptions through this article. Read on.

    1. Recycling is More Expensive than Disposal – According to the EPA, disposing of trash costs around $75-200 per ton while curbside recycling program costs as less as $50-150 per ton. Well, designed recycling programs can be cost-effective when a large number of people decide to do it together.
    2. Most Electronics Recycling Companies Throw away Electronics – One of the top misconceptions about the electronics recycling industry is that companies earn revenue through the charges that are levied to pick up the equipment and they don’t really recycle electronics. Ask your recycling company about their license and the process they follow to recycle electronics. At Surplus Service, we offer transparency and accountability in everything that we do.
    3. Recycling E-Waste Wastes EnergyRecycling e-wastes conserves more energy than mining, manufacturing or lumber. The metals in electronics are present in their pure form and hence recycling the same makes more sense than investing the time and effort to create them from scratch from their original form. These metals are also important keys to the economy of the recycling industry.
  • Electronics are not Dangerous – Electronics are highly toxic and hence they require the right electronic recycler to recycle them in a responsible way. Did you know a laptop contains small traces of toxins such as antimony, arsenic, chromium, and lead which can cause real health problems if they are leached in an unsafe manner? Never try to self-dispose your e-waste. Find a professional e-waste management service provider such as Surplus Service who can help you find e-waste recycling solutions that lead to higher sustainability reuse
  • E-Waste Recycling isn’t Worth It – This is perhaps the most dangerous misconception about recycling e-waste. Cynics are of the opinion that it’s better to sell off e-waste for a lower value than recycle to conserve the environment. It is important for each individual to educate his peers or colleagues about the need for e-waste. Did you know in a recent report by the United Nations states that in five years, the world’s electronic waste would grow by 33% from 49.7 million tons to 65.4 million tons? Well, that’s the weight of 200 Empire State Buildings or 11 Great Pyramids of Giza (the Tech Republic, 2014)

We as global citizens need to come together and become responsible for proper e-waste management instead of being cynical. What most people lack is awareness about the right methods of electronic recycling. Surplus Service provides zero waste options for many organizations’ e-waste recycling initiatives. Get in touch with us today to know the right way to recycle your electronic waste.


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