When most people hear about the word ‘data destruction’ their face wears a look of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. The last thing on their minds would be to delete the data available on their laptops, computers or cellphones. But the truth is when you own a small, medium or large business, chances are there will be a day when your company may require data destruction services to wipe the data or media available on electronic devices. To ensure that those devices aren’t misused by unwanted people, you will need ethical data destruction services to ensure your data is erased, unrecoverable and gone for good. Read on to understand these compelling reasons which indicate your company may need data eradication services

1) Security Purposes

Most people think that formatting a device or by pressing the factory reset the data on the device gets erased. The truth is there are hackers who are good at retrieving this information. They can find old passwords, financial information, or contact details you thought were gone. Your company can be at financial risk if the data stolen includes personal details of customers like a credit card, email id, phone numbers or purchase history. To avoid this risk, always opt for safe and secure data eradication services from ethical companies like Surplus Service who not only help you understand the process but also provide full transparency to their services and suitable methods of data eradication for your devices

2) E-waste is Toxic

There are high chances of electronic devices being dumped in landfills due to lack of awareness among the general public about its disposal. Whether you have a pile of electronics lying in your backyard or you are planning to throw away the existing devices, always remember to surrender them to an e-waste recycler who has the thorough know-how about the recycling process. According to the EPA, 85 percent of the world’s e-waste gets sent to landfills. These alarming statistics are a silent wake up to the whole world to prevent the environment from destruction. You can also consider implementing a secure recycling program to keep the e-waste out of landfills. We at Surplus Service can help you set up the program.

3) DIY Dilemma

A sponsored study by IBM on data breach conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2017 reveals that self-destruction methods by companies to delete or destroy the data can prove to be expensive in the long run. A word of wisdom, never try destroying your e-waste through self-data destruction methods as this can cause damage to you and to the physical environment. Don’t leave things to chance, instead, you can opt for data wiping, degaussing or data shredding methods of data destruction

4) Sustainability

If you are considering transitioning into a greener and environmentally-friendly workplace, you may want to establish eco-friendly policies. You can also host e-waste recycling workshops to spread awareness among your employees. These workshops can raise awareness in people and in-turn reduce the number of devices being tossed in landfills

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